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Modern independence.

An effortless and timeless collection for the intentional bride.


Our AERY collection is made up of plain, luxe fabrics with subtle, hand-beaded accents. 

It is a collection that embodies modern elegance with bold, streamlined silhouettes & impeccable fits.


We bring you our DIVINE collection, the heart of Demure.


An enchanting and opulent collection tailored to dreamers with wildly romantic love stories.

Intricately beaded motifs & fabrics paired with mesmerizing tulle, our Divine collection embodies femininity and a celestial essence. 


Each gown in this collection features handcrafted beading, ensuring one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke opulence.


A luxe love affair.


In this collection, we aim to create simple, yet impactful silhouettes in textiles adorned with beaded and embroidered textures.


We have designed luxurious, yet affordable gowns out of a meticulous selection of stock fabrics and added a few handcrafted finishes to make these fabrics uniquely ours.

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